Farewell: Ms. Bozzani, La Canada’s Beloved Librarian, is Retiring

  • May 22, 2023

(Image Credits to Ms. Bozzani)

A central and well-respected figure in the IRC, Ms. Bozzani, will be retiring after the 2023-2024 school year. Ever since I transferred into the LCHS school district in middle school, I distinctly remember asking the library media specialists for assistance when on the hunt for a fresh book. In celebration of the longevity of her career, in which she served the IRC and the students and staff of LCHS, The Spartan sat down with Ms. Bozzani for an informative interview. 

The Spartan: Hello! Thank you for agreeing to an interview. How long have you worked at La Canada?

Ms. Bozzani: I worked 5 years at Palm Crest elementary as the computer lab teacher. This is my 27th year at La Canada as the librarian. While I was at Palm Crest, I did my Masters in teaching credentials, which made me eligible to apply. Back then, the 9-12th library was in the choral room. We used to call it water world because it leaked. I got to design it with the architects and work on the layout. It was really important for me to stay at the circulation desk and be able to see into every row and into each room on the second floor. 

TS: What is your favorite memory from your time here?

B: It’s been so joyous to see the kids evolve. It’s 6 years of development! It’s so much fun to see each student become an adult. I love working with my peers; there are some really great teachers who challenge you with their ideas. It’s just a great idea factory at LCHS. The administration, teachers, and students are stimulated and interesting, and I’m going to really miss all of that. I felt very supported during my time here. 

TS: Out of curiosity, what is your favorite book and library? 

B: The Razor’s Edge by W. Somerset Maugham. As for the library, I really miss the Pasadena library. Unfortunately it’s closed right now. When I was a little girl and went to a local elementary school, it was a big thing to go there. I used to get kids to go there because of its capacity for books. I also love the Los Angeles City library.

TS: Would you like to share some fun facts about yourself? This is an open-ended question!

B: I’ve had the opportunity to travel to five continents. I don’t think I won’t be able to make it to Antarctica, but the next one I’m headed to is Africa. Traveling is a passion for sure. When I was in college, I had the opportunity to study at the University of Brisbane and experience the Great Barrier Reef. I once swam from one island to another in the reef with a couple other students. I didn’t realize how serious that was at that time. [laughs] It turned out to be a mile away. It was only after our swim back when we realized that the waters were shark-infested. There are more adventures to be had. I’m retiring because of that. 🙂

TS: What are your hopes and plans for the future? This kind of ties into the previous question.

B:  It’s all about travel right now. I want to enjoy my health and family (who live up and down on the West Coast). I want to be around the water as much as possible. 

TS: Do you have any last messages to the La Canada community?

B: Being around the students at La Canada High, I realized that there’s always something uplifting in this community of learners. There is always one personal story or one person who made a difference to me or another person in this community. I encourage all of you to find something each day that is positive and support one another as much as possible. Because that’s what brought me so much joy: feeling supported. Some day, I want to come back and volunteer; I love volunteering. I love all of the students, even those who drive me crazy. [chuckles] Everyone has a redeeming factor.  

Big thanks to Ms. Bozzani for agreeing to an interview; we appreciate you greatly, and will miss you! Thank you for serving us as an incomparable resource, instructor, and mentor.

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