School Funding to go into Rebuilding the Pool

  • April 1, 2023

By Julia Jun

After the recent chemical spill in La Canada High School which resulted in a school cancellation on March 13, 2023, the LCUSD Governing Board has decided to demolish the pool and start rebuilding another, larger, pool. Make no mistake, this pool is going to be the third one the school is constructing. The damage to the previous pool was reported to be too extensive and beyond repair to the point that the administration was forced to make the tough decision to sacrifice yet another year into rebuilding it. Mr. Cartnal, the principal of LCHS, gave his stance on the current situation. “It’s definitely not an ideal situation; when I came to school, there were cracks and leaks all over the pool. It was not an easy decision to make.” 

Estimating that a couple million dollars have to go into the construction, the school has decided to make up the gap in funding by deducting teacher salaries. Many teachers will soon experience a steep drop in their personal accounts as the school siphons out money for the new pool.

Mr. Romero, the new English teacher, had a fairly calm reaction to the news. “I think that my salary isn’t too important. If it is for the benefit of my community, I think that I should be a responsible community member and accept the deduction in my pay. I’m not upset.” To date, we are not sure why Mr. Romero shed tears throughout the interview. On the other hand, veteran teacher Mr. Carroll was outraged at the “outlandish” proposal to take away money from the teachers. After hearing about the new pool production plan, he screamed, “I did not teach 20 years for my pay to get deducted! And for what, the POOL?!? Am I less important than the dang pool?” 

Many educators on campus are currently split on the decision of the funds being taken from the teaching salaries. While the cause of the chemical spill is still under investigation, members of the community and teachers disagree as to the value of the pool versus that of teachers and learning. Nonetheless, the school’s decision remains unchanged as they prepare to follow through with the massive construction that will be taking place starting April 1st.

*Published as part of The Spartan’s April Fools satire edition 😉

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