• March 2, 2023

[Image courtesy of MIKE]

By Lauren Lee

foaming gulfs billow into sheets of glass

clattering ferns of feral green

the wind hushes, 

wispy ribbons of sodden gray and dusty tuff

dusts its upper lip

swirling fogs seal the bitter cave

threatening unjust peril in its tantrums of gloom

Despair marks the dripping icicles adorning the jagged


gasping for clarity in the midst of sticky residue:

brittle carcasses and musty debris birthed in multitudes

Crumbles of concrete smear the sodden mere

huddling flocks shudder, battered and blue

seagull wings twisted with fine wire, gawk

at the dimming sun,

their beady eyes bulging beneath coffee-hued bottle caps

tingling murmurs of the remaining power plants, beckon 

inhumane carols of dry bronze and caustic fumes

before brittle snow whisks it away in a blaze

rivers, don’t fall for their plastic traps;

bars and traps of fatalism awaits us

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