Poem: charcoal night

  • March 14, 2022

black crystals and soft star-studded wings

rise on finely twisted twine

its shadow hovers, twitching 

In tune with the beat of a wretched heart

Korean r-and-b reigns in the hollow space

silence casts a muted glow; it flares

against the worn and wet cheeks of a pale face

carved with the tang of spoons and chopsticks

As the dimmed lights swoon in tune with the sobbing winds

cakey shells thud, denting the grimy kitchen floor

arousing cries of pain and desperate pleas for water

the wings waver, patting the air

they slump amongst the torn straws of organs and gore, 

their broken body spread upon a wall-attached column dyed carmine

a howling slip of grey dart out of their outstretched mouth

On the column unites, 

the silhouettes of a filly foal and mare

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