Poem: the ocean’s lone graveyard

  • May 24, 2021
(Courtesy of Wallpaper/Edited by Lauren Lee)

graveyard of loss 

battered skin with a rough dusting of salt 


dripping jeweled coral piercing the air from its shelter 

tucked between braided waterlogged seagreen tresses 

Burrowing heels between shifting mountains of sand

cast storms of shells whisked away in winds of foam 

Snakes of frothy bubbles caper around clamshell-wrapped ankles 

as a cavernous groan trumpets vibrations through the flimsy seagrass 

Scattered on smooth seaweed fabric embellished with sand dollars, 

sea anemone glow like tiny dabs of luminous paint,  

tracing whispers of constellations of endless screams and silenced last words

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