Four Books I Cannot Recommend Enough

  • May 21, 2021

I have always loved to read and during quarantine, where I now spend upwards of 10 hours a day on electronic devices, I have a newfound appreciation for reading which is practically the only thing I can do nowadays that doesn’t make me want to slam my head into the nearest brick wall. This list is composed of old favorites and new discoveries that I believe you will enjoy. 🙂

  1. The Hazel Wood

Melissa Albert’s wonderfully creepy debut novel tells the tale of Alice Crewe, a seventeen year-old girl whose fate is permanently intertwined with fairy tales so dark they would give the Grimm Brothers a run for their money. The first time I read this book I was in my car at night and I may or may not have sprinted to my front door after convincing myself Twice-Killed Katherine was watching.

  1. Inkheart

Consisting of literally everything eight year-old and sixteen year-old me could ever want, Cornelia Funke weaves a masterful and magically sinister yet strangely heartwarming story that gives the phrase “silver tongue” a whole new meaning. This book has been a favorite since I was very young and I have read it no less than 13 times.

  1. A Thousand Splendid Suns

I can safely say that this is one of, if not the best book I have ever read. Hosseini, a refreshingly unbiased narrator, effortlessly paints a poignant picture of each of the character’s tribulations and the quiet strength in which they bear it. I firmly believe I felt nearly every single emotion ever known to man while reading this for the first time, it is absolutely spectacular.

  1. The Passion of Dolssa

This Printz Honor winning book by Julie Berry tugged on every single one of the heart strings I have and then some. It takes place during the Spanish Inquisition and compassionately narrates the lives of a heretic, a wily tavern keeper and her sisters, and a vengeful priest that come together in a heartbreaking crescendo. 

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