Outside the Bubble

  • May 5, 2021
Drawing by Annabelle Larson

Occurrences like acid rain

Bring currents in of tacit pain

Yet persons don’t change placid ways… 

This massive aforementioned and consistent pitter-patter

Harms habitats for tenants within distant rivers rather 

Than anything near the praised, soft warmth of home

So pennies clink but always stop short of loans

The funds seem more suitably put toward alternative wares:

A lovely charcuterie wood board, superlative fares

A stunning computer fee foot for modern tech with flair

Or something like jewelry, goods worn so others will stare

That is not to say aggressively that we can’t spend

But we often pay excessively for things that tend

To not matter or impact other people’s powerful struggles

Our thoughts gather on things that occur deep in our small bubbles

It is simple to close your eyes to harshness; assume that ruin waits

But the impulse to go and hide in darkness can doom the human race

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