Muted Night Terrors

  • March 15, 2021
(Courtesy of Lauren Lee)

His glass-shard screams punctured the pulsing fleshy organ

creaking left to right from a rope of bloody handkerchiefs 

streaks of fat and juice plunked onto a dilating glimmering circle 

as a gasp-like sigh echoed softly around the chamber 

reverberating heavily within the barren, carved-out cage

It dangled further down, 

frenziedly pumping pomegranate-red blood through its narrowing bloated tunnels 

yet seemingly lifeless  

The boy retched, twisting in the air

skinny limbs flailing, 


swollen black veins 

I awoke 

He slumbered obliviously by my side 

a opaque pool of drool collected on the crisp, white sheets 

It was all for naught, a warning-infused dream 

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