Tiger Woods Survives Accidental Car Crash as Many Hope he can Play Again

  • February 26, 2021
Tiger Woods playing golf [pc: Creative Commons]

On February 23rd, golf legend Tiger Woods hit a curb in his SUV, which caused him to lose control as he rolled over multiple times, hitting a tree and landing on its side. Crashing near LA in Palos Verdes, Woods sustained a lot of damage to his car and himself. 

Dr. Jeremy Faust, an emergency physician, told CNN, “He is still in that acute phase where they may still have a lot of work to do in the present, in moments, in days to come”, foreseeing Woods needing a rod, screws, pins, and a surgical release of the muscle covering in his legs — “one that surgeons likely believed would save his leg from amputation”.

Woods was taken to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center where he underwent treatment and foresees long surgical procedures. Luckily, he was alone in the car so no one else was harmed, but this does impact his ability to compete in the future. Woods was seen responsive on Thursday, looking positive and hoping to recover fast. 

People reported, “If there’s any way at all that he can continue playing golf, he will […] he expected 2021 to be the year of his comeback […] he’s overcome obstacles in the past and think he can do it again”.

A fan of Tiger Woods, Timothy Joo (11), shares his sentiment stating, “He’s one of the great legends in sports, so I hope he recovers well. And I also hope that the surgery doesn’t end his career because if it does it would be a real shame.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced that there will be no criminal charges since this was merely an accident and confirmed to Yahoo Sports that there was “no evidence of impairment.” Villanueva further stated, “Reckless driving is actually more than an infraction […] That’s a misdemeanor crime that has a lot of elements attached to it. This is nothing like that.” 

As far as the public knows, Woods is clean of any charges and will avoid any controversial backfire. 

Information comes from CNN, People, and Yahoo Sports

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