Top Indie Films I’ve Seen Over Quarantine

  • February 25, 2021

Through this long and dreadful quarantine, movies have been my escape. I went through a wormhole of not very popular movies that involve unique film styles, beautiful cinematography, and dialogue that leaves you hanging on every word. Here are my top picks!

Buffalo 66 (Rated R)

Recently released from jail, Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo) has to go home to see his parents after telling them he was away on business with his wife… who doesn’t exist. He then kidnaps Layla (Christina Ricci) to impersonate his wife, and she must make him look good to his parents. This is a perfect movie to watch if you like strange, almost satirical romance films.


Before Sunrise (Rated R)

This cinematically beautiful movie follows two strangers who meet on a train and spend the night wandering through Vienna. Jesse (Ethan Hawke) has a flight back to the United States the next morning and Celine (Julie Delphy) must return to Paris. They develop an extremely strong connection, which makes their eventual parting very tough. This is the perfect film to watch if you really enjoy romance and the developments of human connection. 

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Rated R)

This wonderful film by one of my all time favorite directors/screenwriters, Charlie Kaufman, tells the story of Clementine and Joel who went through a breakup. Clementine decides to completely erase Joel from her mind, Joel doing the same thing. Except, Joel fights the erasing of Clementine from his memory. This is a Dream like-film with bright colors and, if you have ever seen The Truman Show, you will definitely like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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Waves (Rated R)

“Waves”  tells the story of a suburban African-American family who go through loss and, in turn, gain compassion. The movie has a shift in the middle, transitioning from intense, shocking scenes to more calming ones and deals with recovery, forgiveness, and love. The soundtrack to this film is worth noting, as it features  artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Kid Cudi, and many more. This movie truly takes you on an emotional roller coaster, watch this movie if you are ready to take a ride!

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We The Animals (Rated R) 

Manny, Joel, and Jonah’s parents have an extremely toxic relationship, their father often coming and going leaving the three brothers alone to fend for themselves. As the story unfolds, the two eldest brothers grow into strong men, like their father, but the youngest, Jonah, learns that he needs to get out of his situation.

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