Creating a Club During a Pandemic

  • February 8, 2021
In past years, Club Day was a big outdoor school-wide event.

Over this long, dreadful quarantine my friends and I were thinking of ideas for cool community outreach programs. I came up with an idea for the “Love Our Earth Club” where we discuss climate change, sustainability, and overall learn how to connect oneself with nature. Recently, I have decided to make major lifestyle changes such as becoming a vegetarian, significantly cutting down on my plastic consumption, meditating, and only purchasing from small businesses and second hand stores. So I wanted to spread more awareness to do my part and help the environment. 

My friends and I were apprehensive to start a club, we did not know how things were going to work because of Covid. First we had to sign up through a google form; then, create a google slides presentation about our club and a google sign up sheet. The hardest part was getting people to join our club. There was no club day to get members as there was in school. Usually, club day would take place in The Quad; all the different clubs made cool posters or gave sweets to recruit members. Now, because of the pandemic, you just go to the school website and click the club name. Not very many people even knew it was club week, also. It is upsetting how the fun traditions that brought students together changed so drastically. 

Once our club was approved, we needed to get members. We created an instagram account to make our club known. It was pretty much the only way to let people know about our club. It was really hard to gain followers and have them sign up. Adding on, many people do not use social media, so we could not reach many of them, We ended up getting about 80 followers and only 15 members of people from different grades. 

Overall, I want to make sure the club meetings are fun and not just another hour of being Zoom. Hopefully soon we can meet in person for club meetings!  Am really excited to see how this club turns out!

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