Top 10 Netflix Shows

  • January 15, 2021

With stay at home orders, people are finding that they have a lot of time on their hands. Like me, lots of teens spend hours on end watching movies and TV shows. Below are the top 10 trending shows ranked by Netflix itself.

  1. Bridgerton

On December 25, 2020 Netflix released their first season of Bridgerton. This show follows Daphne Bridgerton (the oldest daughter of the Bridgerton family) as she becomes part of London’s highly competitive marriage market. Unlike most others, Daphne wants to find a husband who she will love instead of finding a husband with a big title.

  1. Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai has 3 seasons up right now. It is about a karate studio named Cobra Kai dojo created by Johnny Lawrence after rescuing a kid who had been bullied. 

  1. History of Swear Words

In January of 2021, Nicholas Cage presented his documentary, History of Swear Words. The first season is out on Netflix. History of Swear Words is hosted by Nicholas Cage. In the documentary, Cage reviews the impact and the history of cuss words.

  1. Surviving Death

Surviving Death is a documentary series. The first 6 episodes are out at the moment. These documentaries talk about near death experiences, what it means to die, and past life experiences. 

  1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a horrific coming of age story with witchcraft. Sabrina is a teen who is half witch, half human who fights evil forces that come after her and other humans.

  1. Gabby’s Dollhouse

Gabby’s Dollhouse is a children’s show that shows a dollhouse with different worlds in every room. 

  1. Cocomelon

Cocomelon is another children’s show that teaches the letters, numbers, and animal sounds with J.J. and his fun nursery rhymes and songs!

  1. The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is set during the Cold War era. Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy is determined to become the greatest chess player in the world.

  1. Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio

Mariposa de Barrio is a telenovela based off of the autobiography, Unbreakable. It is the story of Jenny Rivera rising from suicidal pregnant teen and abused wife to a banda superstar.

  1. Dare Me

Dare Me is a show about cheerleaders who are assigned a new coach. This new coach used to be a huge cheer star and is now sharing dark secrets with the cheerleaders.

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