Poetry: Snapshots of Nature

  • January 14, 2021
(Image courtesy of ClorisCreates)

light rye

flickering in the party’s fairy lights

padded feet fumble on the wooden porch planks

stars shine in the leaf-shaped ruddy strokes

A luminescent rose-leaf complexion peers over

the sugar dusted tree tops 


waterfalls of withered blond strands cascade gracefully

reaching for the gentle touch of concrete below 

A jaunty trunk rooted sideways on a hill of tainted dew


as echos of ghosts of pain scream into groves of mist 

An bleary-eyed owl tucked away up in the sky hoots, 

half-heartedly fluttering its flecked overlapping sheets of featherly down 

Piercing whispers of trickling rivers of oil spins gold-weaved epics of past flourishing green 

as a lithe deer prances by in a blink of a wistful trance-  

all but pressed into a lith tattered scrap of aged film 

*Inspiration from Descanso Gardens* 

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