Social High

  • December 16, 2020

Social media is a drug.

it keeps you up at night

leaving you yearning for more-

craving more.

The dark shadow of it lingers over you,

And never leaves your mind

It’s just 




Social media is like a drug.

All you care about is your next fix, your next post.

Likes, comments, shares,

Consume you

Always wondering on what you are missing out on

Social media is like a time-out

Are millions of thoughts racing,

running through your mind?

Easy fix.

Just reach into the back pocket of your jeans 

Start scrolling

and wait, 

Wait until all your relentless thoughts disappear 

And new ones grow.

Drugs are like social media.

They possess your mind, constantly, 

and you only care about your next high.

You have a  billion, addictions, apprehensions, fears, 

sprinting;  dashing through your mind

They won’t ever stop

Until you reach over, take a sip,

a puff, a pill, and

Feel the monsters in your head all slowly fade away.

Like a cloud of smoke, disintegrating into the air.

Drugs are like social media

They are just




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