LCHS Student Reactions to 2020 Presidential Election Results

  • November 20, 2020
LCHS students are generally satisfied with the outcome of the election.

In an Instagram stories poll completed by 88 current (and some former) LCHS students, about 98% (86/88) of students claimed they were satisfied with the results of the Presidential Election, which named Joe Biden as the official president-elect.

Generally, students seem to be somewhat relieved with the soon to be change in power, anxiously awaiting inauguration day. While many are content with this outcome (and some not), some students have expressed their concern about the voting numbers as a whole.

For example, one senior says, “[I am] happy but disappointed that it was so close. Seeing how many people voted for Trump is scary knowing there are 69 million+ [voters] in our country that are okay with fellow Americans having their rights taken away.”

Yasmine Kaki (12) also added that “[Biden] is the best we have right now. I think we need the next four years to heal and move forward as a nation and then we can bring in leaders who will actually enact lasting and positive change.”

Some feel, however, that the election results may have been unfair or done incorrectly. Despite the fact that there has not been any substantial evidence for any widespread fraud, many supporters of incumbent Donald Trump still hold these opinions and attitudes, and disputes continue among some voters weeks after election results. 

Students are feeling hopeful, yet still somewhat anxious for what is to come. We don’t know what will happen as President Trump comes closer and closer to facing the day he leaves or what tensions will erupt as a result of this turning point.

 In my conversations with my peers, the general consensus seems to be that even though we’re excited about the change in power, we still need to consistently hold politicians accountable for their actions. The overall focus should be on bettering our future and growing as a country. 

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