New Teacher Feature: 9 Questions with Ms. Kristen Mascheroni

  • November 19, 2020
(Courtesy of Ms.Mascheroni)

With the implementation of online school came a slew of challenges, between limited interactions with teachers and peers to difficulties in focusing during classes. But picture a newly chosen teacher taking on distance learning along with adjusting to the different settings- both virtual and physical -in a new school. This year, LCHS has hired a small group of dedicated teachers who are rising to this challenge. We will do our best to introduce them all to you. 

Recently, the Spartan spoke with Ms. Kristen Mascheroni, one of the new LC Math 2 and LC Math 2 Adv teachers at LCHS, who agreed to an get-to-know-you interview. 

  1. Where did you grow up? 

I grew up just next door in La Crescenta and graduated from CVHS. Fun fact: Prior to working here, I had only been on the LCHS campus twice: once for a CV/LC football game and once to take the SAT.

  1. What high school and/or college did you attend?

I completed my undergraduate degree at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR (go beavs!) and my Masters at Azusa Pacific University here in California.

  1. What are your “favorites”? For example, hobbies, sports, etc.  

These days, my hobbies include watching Netflix, running, and going for socially-distanced walks with friends… the pandemic has really mellowed out my life. Otherwise, I love hiking, going to the beach, coaching soccer, and spending time with friends. My go-to snack is definitely dark chocolate and my go-to restaurant(s) would be Panera and True Food!

  1. Do you have any pet(s)?

Yes, both dogs and cats! One of our dogs is deaf, which results in some pretty entertaining stories. When I was little, we had pet chinchillas and that was pretty cool.

  1. What interested you in teaching math? 

I love logic and the way that math connects to the real-world. I find it really fun to problem solve and try to make sense of things. The most satisfying feeling while teaching this year has been watching students make those connections! My lifelong goal is to help students love math a little more and hate it a little less. 

  1. Where did you teach before La Canada High School?

Last year, I was at a school really, really far away called LCHS 7/8. 

  1. What interested you in teaching at La Canada High School?

This is my 4th year with the district and it has been such a positive experience. The students, staff, and families have all been so welcoming and awesome to collaborate with! Even as a lifelong Falcon, I can say that it’s an honor to be a Spartan.

  1. How was your transition to the digital stage during the pandemic? 

Oh man, I really love technology and finding ways to incorporate it in math class, but virtual learning has just not been the same as having students physically in the classroom. The unpredictable moments and spontaneous conversations that happen in person are what really make teaching the best. While I really miss the physical “togetherness,” I am incredibly grateful for the patience (and effort) from students this year!

  1. What are your expectations for the future/what you are looking forward to?

I’d love to say that I’m looking forward to meeting my students in person instead of just on a screen, but I suppose I’m really just looking forward to a great rest of the school year, in whatever way that may look like. It’ll be amazing to look back on this school year and remember how resilient the LCHS community was!

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