NCLS Game 7: Dodgers clutch a win over the Braves sending them to the World Series

  • October 20, 2020
Dodgers Stadium at sunset (PC: Creative Commons)

Late night on October 18th, the LA Dodgers defeated the Atlanta Braves in a close game that ended in the Dodgers winning the game (and the series) 4-3. The Dodgers were initially down in the series 3-1, but on Sunday they solidified their spot in the World Series, beating the Braves 3 games in a row. Here are the main highlights of game 7.

Dustin May was the Dodgers’ opener pitcher, but his hype to beat the hitters on the Braves was soon shut down. The Braves scored the first two runs in the first two innings, leading many to believe that the game was already over. Soon enough, the Dodgers stepped up their game and scored at the top of the third and made it a tie game at 2-2. At the top of the fourth, the Braves scored again, giving them a one point lead, but that was soon made into a tie game when the Dodgers hitter Qike Hernanders scored a home run. The score, 3-3.

Now with a tied game, everyone was on edge and wanted to score more than anything. At the bottom of the 7th inning, the two teams were still tied 3-3, but that all was soon to change when Cody Bellinger stepped up to bat. Pitched by Chris Martin, Bellinger hit a home run, giving Dodgers the 4-3 advantage over the Braves and leaving the faces of Braves outfielders discouraged. The Dodgers went on to deny the Braves from scoring, and the Dodgers moved on to the world series. 

The LCHS community is very excited about this win, and some share their thoughts.

Tim Joo (11), a big Dodgers fan ever since he was introduced to the game of baseball, stated, “The world series is no longer a goal, it’s an expectation. This means a team like the Dodgers should have left a trail of World Series victories over the past 8 years. And with one of the strongest teams in franchise history this year, failing that expectation means we’re dead.”

Holly Bae (11), who isn’t a big fan like Tim, said, “I usually don’t watch baseball, but since the Dodgers won the champion series, I am going to watch it with my family instead of taking a nap.”

Timmy Park (11), a student who is arguably the best baseball player for the class of 2022, shared, “It was a really great series, to come back from a 3-1 deficit is obviously really hard, so to see them come back from that was really exciting to watch! It was some great baseball and I can’t wait to see how they do in the World Series!”

Information comes from CBSSPORTS

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