Christiano Ronaldo tests positive for COVID-19

  • October 20, 2020
Christiano Ronaldo playing professionally pre-COVID (PC: Creative Commons)

On Tuesday, October 13th, renowned Portugese Football superstar and model, Cristiano Ronaldo, tested positive for coronavirus. The man who has influenced many young football players and made many charitable contributions, although speculated in a tax fraud scandal, was unfortunately one of the many that was affected by the virus. 

According to the statement released by the Portugese Football Federation, Ronaldo is “well, without symptoms, and in isolation.” It appears that the 35-year-old Juventus forward is asymptomatic towards the coronavirus, and most likely caught the disease when he played against France in the Nations League on Sunday in a friendly match. 

Ronaldo, however, was not the only football player that caught covid. Many players have left their clubs to play international games and caught the virus in places such as Austria, Mali, Cameroon, Cambia, Austria, and Hungary. 

Earlier this year Ronaldo tested negative, but when he was tested positive, the coronavirus cases started to rise across Europe and football was suspended. A couple of students from LCHS shared their thoughts.

Miguel Talleda (12) shared his thoughts and said, “I think it’s karma. If he didn’t commit tax fraud then maybe I’d be empathetic to him. But he did commit tax fraud and I’m not saying that he necessarily deserves to get COVID, but he deserves to go to jail for it at the very least. So now on his karma scale he has tax fraud and uses money to avoid consequences. That at least merits the death of a loved one. So should he pass it to his grandma and she dies I feel like the karmic balance will be equal.” 

Aditya Desai (11) said, “I respect Ronaldo and his love for the game. He influences many young athletes and appears to be a good role model for them. I truly hope that he can recover from this disease so that he can continue playing his heart out on the field! Best of luck to him!”

Due to his health state, Ronaldo will now miss his country’s Nations League fixture against Sweden on Wednesday, which was devastating news for him. Although Ronaldo caught the virus, every other player that played in the same match subsequently returned a negative test. We wish Ronaldo a speedy recovery!

Information comes from CNN

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