Los Angeles Dodgers advance to the NLCS after sweeping the San Diego Padres

  • October 13, 2020
A game going on in the Dodgers stadium before Quarantine [PC: Aditya Desai (11)]

On the 8th of October, the Major League Baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers, advanced to the National League Championship Series (NLCS) after sweeping the San Diego Padres in a 3-0 series. It was to no one’s surprise that the Dodgers swept since they are the current and clear favorites to win the World Series. 

During the series against the Padres, the Dodgers’ pitchers would shut down the Padres’ power hitting lineup in Game 1. This allowed the Dodgers to prevent the Padres from scoring more than once and all the Dodgers had to do was outscore them. Luckily enough, their offensive batting lineup scored 5 points against the Padres, leaving the final score 5-1. 

In game 2, it was a very close match with no clear winner. The score in the second inning, the Padres were up 1-0, but then the Dodgers came back in the third and fourth inning scoring 3 runs and 1 run respectively. Although it looked like the Dodgers were going to win, the Padres hit back to back home runs in the 6th inning against Dodgers star pitcher, Clayton Kershaw. But then in the 7th inning, Dodgers fought back and scored another two runs. In the 9th, Dodgers gave up two runs making it a close game, but it ended in the Dodgers favor with 6-5.

In game 3, the Dodgers scored in almost every inning, making the game a complete blowout against the Padres. With the Dodgers confidence going into the game, they won 12-3 and were able to move on to the NLCS. 

Pollock, one of the Dodgers hitters and outfielders, said ESPN commented on the game saying, “our offense was great. We had big plays, big moments from a lot of different guys throughout the series”.

The Dodgers now move on to face the Atlanta Braves against their superstar hitter and outfielder, Ronald Acuña Jr. Can the Dodgers beat the Braves and make it to the World Series? It is highly likely that this will happen, but no one can ever predict with complete accuracy on what team will win, especially in sports. Go Dodgers! 

Information comes from ESPN and the Los Angeles Times

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