Donald Trump tests positive for the Coronavirus

  • October 2, 2020
Donald Trump’s tweet stating that he tested positive for the virus. [PC: Tim Chong]

Late night on October 1st, US President Donald Trump tweeted out that he and his wife had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Leading the country into a state of concern, his tweet tried to reassure people that everything will be fine, as he said on Twitter, “we will get through this TOGETHER!”

Although many are in concern for his health and well-being, Trump’s physician says that he is well and there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. His symptoms are mild at the moment and he is taking necessary steps to defeat the coronavirus. His wife, First Lady Melania Trump, is also doing well and believes that together, they will make it through this hard time. Several LCHS students shared their thoughts on this matter.

Tim Joo (11) shared his thoughts on the subject and said, “Do I believe in Karma? No, but it shows that Trump has failed to take basic precautions to prevent him and others from contracting the virus.”

Other officials and aides who have been in close contact with the president have been tested and so far no one new has tested positive for the virus. Some are saying that  Trump was guaranteed to get the virus since he doesn’t wear masks, and when he does it’s not worn properly, and he holds rallies with no real prevention for the virus. 

Hope Hicks, a close advisor to Trump, was tested positive with the virus a few days before him and could have spread the virus to the presidential inner circle. Because no one was taking precautions such as wearing masks and social distancing, it’s likely that soon, others will test positive for the Coronavirus. 

Aditya Desai (11) said “It’s hard not to laugh at the irony because, in the debate against Joe Biden, Trump made a point and made fun of Biden for wearing a mask everywhere he went. Further, Trump even complimented himself and his administration for dealing with this crisis spectacularly well, but they got the virus despite how well they said they handled things.”

With this recent news, there are questions about what will happen to the second presidential debate on November 15th. For now, the best option that they’re looking for is to cancel the debate and make sure Trump can get better. 

For months, Trump mocked and questioned the effectiveness of using a mask, but it took him getting the virus to realize that his ignorance might have cost him his chances to be re-elected. He’s resistant to release any information about his status to the public in fear that it could hurt his presidential campaign. According to the New York Times, Trump has been reported to have high cholesterol and tips the scale at 243 pounds, which is considered obese for his height. But his personal doctor said that he’s in “very good health” which raises suspicion of the idea if Trump can combat the virus in his current state. 

Whatever the outcome of Trump contacting the virus may be, it’s in our best interest to learn from his mistakes and carelessness and make sure that we don’t contract the Coronavirus.

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