Dear Spartan: An Advice Column

  • September 28, 2020
DM @dearspartan on Instagram, email, or fill out this form: to get advice!

Hi Spartans!  The newspaper is starting an advice column for all of your personal and academic struggles.  If you need advice on anything, we’re here to listen and help you out.  Whether it be falling out of love during the pandemic, deciding whether or not to drop a class, debating the morality of going to a sports practice, or simply deciding how to stand up to toxic friends, we’re here to help!  Send in your questions to, DM them to @dearspartan on Instagram, or fill out this form  Please start your letter with “Dear Spartan,” and use an anonymous pseudonym to sign off.

 Below is an example of an acceptable letter:

Dear Spartan,

My sleep schedule has been super wonky for the past few weeks.  After school, I’ll scroll through Instagram and watch YouTube for about an hour, then I’ll feel exhausted and take a nap.  Usually I’ll only wake up in time for dinner.  At that point, I’ve already lost 4 hours of my day!  After eating, I do my school work, but I find that I get even more distracted by texts from friends at night.  I usually end up going to sleep at 2 AM and feeling super tired the next day.  I do get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a day (mostly due to the naps…), but I don’t like staying up so late.  How can I fix this problem and stop procrastinating my work until late at night?


Insomniac Izzie

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