Comedy Sports is Always a Good Time

  • February 20, 2020
From left to right: Eric David (12), Sam Hernandez (12), J.T. Salcido (11), and Spencer Melillo (11)

On February 7, 2020, at 7:00 pm, Comedy Sports held its third match of the year in the auditorium. 

The referee was Kylie Brakeman, an LCHS alum, who explained the rules of the games to the audience and mediated the game between the two teams.

There were two rounds. In total, the red team included Ali Flynn (11), Spencer Melillo (11), Jordan Jaross (11), Gordy Cucullu (11), Alec Tujian (12), and Miriam Shirazi (12). The blue team included Alex Chang (10), Eric David (12), Kai Monn (11), Grey Ingrassia (12), JT Salcido (11), Zach Northrop (12), and Sam Hernandez (12).

The teams went against each other for points in various improv games. One, called “Radio,” involved team members lining up facing the audience, each assigned with a topic or genre of music (example: country, NPR, opera). Then, the lights would go off and the referee would use a flashlight to indicate which member would pretend to be their assigned radio station, creating a hilariously chaotic game of random music and dialogue. 

Another game was “Doppelganger,” where team members had to pick their look-alikes from the audience. Whoever picked the most accurate doppelganger won points for their team. 

The event is never disappointing, leaving the audience laughing to the point of tears. The improv games are always engaging, demanding participation from the audience in the form of suggestions – or even volunteering to go up on stage with the team!

Anelisa Jongeling (11), who went to the event, said, “It’s nice watching people I know and am friends with having such a fun time on stage. It’s hard not to laugh when even the players are having such a great time!”

Stay tuned for any Comedy Sports games in the future to have a fun-filled Friday night!

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