Spartan Style: Rocki Del Castillo

  • February 3, 2020
Rocki poses confidently for a photo.
Image Credits: Thomas Kiely

Meet Spartan Style’s newest feature: a creative, spunky, self-identified “art kid” named Raquel “Rocki” Del Castillo (11). You may have seen her in the halls sporting bright colors, dangly earrings, or a pair of hand-painted jeans. Rocki knows how to be eye-catching while still keeping it comfortable. Here’s what she has to say about her personal style and how it reflects her unique self.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: I would say my style, most of the time, is an extension of my personality. I’m most comfortable in things that aren’t the same as everyone else. If you were in a room of people, you’d be able to remember key elements in my outfit that would help me stand out. I want to show who I am as an individual- my devotion to art plays a huge role. I often find myself reaching for complementary colors and putting them all in one outfit. It’s an art form to me.

I’m considered an “art kid” and honestly I’m glad to be referred to as such because art pushes boundaries and is so complex. I genuinely tried to keep up with trends at LC, but I realized I was never going to be someone I wasn’t. So I started to grow into who I really was and what I really liked- you won’t catch me wearing Brandy Melville. Instead, I gravitate to tomboy and playful clothes. Clothes that I can move around in and feel like I’m not putting a restriction on myself.

Q: Who are your main style inspirations?

A: My sister Natalie Del Castillo- although we don’t have the same closet, she is the person who helped me open my eyes to look within myself instead of at everyone else. 

Q: Where do you like to shop? 

A: Vans- to express my tomboy. Cotton On- comfiest clothes on the market and for a reasonable price. Thrift stores- especially for pants. Dolls Kill- for a little spice, like cool earrings or shoes.

Q: What advice do you have for someone trying to cultivate their own unique style?

A: Something as simple as your favorite color can start you off on your journey. Maybe your favorite color is red and you also like a checkered pattern, combine those 2 things and you’ve got a potential super cool red checkered pattern shirt, pants, shoes, etc. Listen to yourself, even if you have an idea that goes wrong- it is still progress.

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