LCHS Art Students Display Works at DIGGS Art Show

  • January 28, 2020
“Blue Light” by Amelia Seropian (11) captures the likeness of Mitski on vinyl.

The DIGGS real estate office in Montrose was transformed earlier this month into a bustling art gallery. On Friday, January 10, the students of La Canada High School’s art program participated in the annual LCHS art show at DIGGS. The event included the Advanced Art, Art Portfolio, and Advanced ceramics classes, giving students an opportunity to display their pieces for sale.

Families and friends alike mingled in the gallery, socializing and exploring the diverse works of art. Covering the shelves were ceramics; covering the walls were paintings.

The paintings had a unique twist: the “canvasses” were each made up of three overlapping vinyl records. To fit the theme, the painting’s subjects were all musical artists of the students’ choosing. Many different musical genres and artists were represented, from Hall and Oates to Lana Del Rey.

For art students, the art show represents a unique opportunity to see their classmates’ talents. 

“I think a lot of the time, you’re focused on doing your own project, but during the art show you get to see everyone else’s stuff and see how talented people are,” said Shanna Finnigan (12), who is currently working on her art IP. 

The event also benefits the whole art department, in more ways than one. 

“It gets the art students together and exposes them to the rest of the community,” said art student and Art Club President Kaitlyn Wang (12).

Proceeds from the sales go towards funding the art department. Students also get a cut of the money their pieces bring in.

Later this year, LCHS students can look forward to once again seeing the artistic talents of their peers displayed at the end-of-the-year annual art show.

Information from: Glendale DIGGS official website

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