Feature: Mudge’s Butter

  • December 2, 2019
MJ smiles with her favorite condiment.

Photo Credit: MJ Miller

MJ Miller (12) is known for her bright personality, infectious sense of humor, and ability to become friends with anyone she meets. What you might not know about her, however, is her blogging hobby. She writes about a topic most people can connect to on some level: butter. 

But scroll through her blog ( and you’ll soon find that the subject matter goes far beyond everyone’s favorite dairy product. MJ writes about everything from personal anecdotes to advice, pouring her heart out in a creative and unique way. I interviewed her to find out more about what drives her unusual pastime. 

Q: What inspired you to begin Mudge’s Butter?

A: My sisters and I always rated butter and then one day at breakfast, my eldest sister suggested I start a blog about butter since I love writing so much. My other sister thought it would be a good idea, since I didn’t have a lot to put on college apps.

Q: Over time, the content of your posts has extended beyond butter and into topics like mental health, advice, and personal goals. Can you speak to that? How has this blog given you an outlet?

A: I wanted to share my writing with a broader audience. Most of the stuff I write has a lot of layers and would be too vulnerable to share with others. I wanted my blog to be something more than just a butter review site. I’m not great at verbalizing my thoughts, and it’s a lot easier for me to write them. The blog just seemed like a good place to share my ideas and my advice.

Q: Do you plan to continue writing after high school?

A: In college I want to study marketing so that I can go into a field with a lot of creativity. I hope to continue into college and afterwards, and maybe I can make it lucrative and make a name off of it. 

Make sure to check out MJ’s blog (, and maybe even suggest a new place to review butter while you’re at it!

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