The Dad Shoe

  • October 17, 2019

Recently, everyone has been turning in whatever shoes they used to wear on their feet for “the dad shoe.” These shoes are chunky and loud, definitely a basic statement that really adds to the overall vibe of an outfit. These shoes are almost ugly by themselves. It is definitely a change from the dainty, delicate, light shoes that were trendy a while ago. Ironically, this is a trend that is mainly worn by females, although males are closely following suit. This has been one of the most long lasting trends, three years and counting. High end brands are also following the “dad shoe” trend closely, updating their styles to stay relevant. 

One specific luxury brand, Balenciaga, designed a dad shoe called the “Triple S Sneaker” which immediately sold out everywhere, and continued to do so after every restock. People completely fell in love with this sneaker, especially celebrities, including supermodels such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and singers/songwriters such as Madison Beer. They are pictured and posted all over social media which also makes people more inclined to buy and wear them. To keep up with recent trends, Balenciaga has updated their sneaker to a chunky trainer shape, mixing the also ongoing trend of working out, with the original concepts of the dad shoe. This makes this trend definitely a comfortable one, as it is inspired by workout shoes so it has that comfort that one wants while working out while still being big, chunky, and fashionable. One really gets the best of both worlds.

This concept of a “dad shoe” really is timeless as this generation gets older and become fathers and mothers themselves. It is also personal as many younger generations may be taking inspiration from their own fathers and have a piece of them through a piece of clothing as they go about their day. It’s nice to see a trend that is gender-neutral, which is why I think that it has been able to stay as popular as it has over the past few years.

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