The Creative Writing Club

  • September 26, 2019
The Creative Writing Club meets in Room 203 on Fridays during lunch.

The Creative Writing Club was created to give students an enjoyable place to write freely about anything they want. It can be said that writing in High School English classes, with numerous essays and required written assignments that have strict guidelines and subject matter, has dulled the joy of writing. This club will help spread and revive the love of writing. 

Junior Yasmine Kaki, president of the club, thinks it’s important to have a stress-free space like this. 

“There aren’t really any spaces catered towards creative writing within the school environment, so the club is there so we can all be creative together,” she said. Yasmine also added, “Personally, I really like that the club creates a motivation to write. I feel like prompts and deadlines provide a certain structure. But for those who don’t like the idea of having a hard deadline, it can just be a space for people who just really love to write.”

Occasionally, there will be pictures and prompts given to help inspire students’ writing. Deadlines are not mandatory, and are really only applied when there are contests or prizes involved. 

Junior Amelia Seropian, a new member of the club, said, “I’m looking forward to having a fun, low-stress way to enjoy writing outside of class.”

Members of the club are enthusiastic and passionate about writing and are very supportive of each other’s ideas. 

Everyone needs a space where they can relax and let their creative motivations fly. The Creative Writing Club is that space. 

Club meetings are every Friday at lunch in room 203. They hope to see you there!

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