Introducing Spartan Style

  • September 26, 2019
Shanna Finnigan’s artistic talent shines through in her style

By Sevana Wenn

Introducing Spartan Style: a new column of the Spartan that showcases LCHS students with great taste! This week features Shanna Finnigan (12), a senior known for her artsy form of self-expression. As co-president of the club Style & Service, it’s clear that while her aesthetic is impeccable, style has a deeper meaning to her as well. Here’s what Shanna has to say about clothing, community service, and more:

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: I would describe my style as kinda quirky…like kind of trying to mix different things together. I like to have a retro feel some days…[I] like mixing retro elements with modern elements.

Q: Where do you typically shop?

A: I usually shop either at thrift stores, or I really like Cotton On, and other stores that have [basics], but a lot of my favorite pieces of clothing comes from thrift stores.

Q: Tell me about your club, Style & Service. How do you combine your love for clothing with community outreach?

A: In our club, the project that we’re working on right now and that we worked on last year was making “Style Boxes”, or interview outfits, for people living in a shelter called Door of Hope. It’s a homeless shelter, and…they’re searching for jobs, obviously, and so they don’t always have the resources to buy the clothes that they want or they don’t have someone that can style [the clothes] for them. So, people in our club get together and basically search for outfits…we have a survey that they fill out about what colors they like, what sizes they are.. Yeah, we use that and come up with Style Boxes for them.

Q: Finally, what advice do you have for people who want to cultivate their own unique style?

A: At least one thing I do is, I go on Instagram a lot and look at a bunch of [pages] dedicated specifically to fashion…there are a bunch of fashion Instagrams, I definitely take some inspiration from them! 

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