Traditional LCHS lunch schedule returns after one-year switch-up

  • September 23, 2019
High Schoolers enjoy their lunch after fourth period

 Starting this year, high schoolers will once again have their lunch break after 4th period at 12:41 PM, while the middle schoolers will eat after third period at 11:39 PM. 

Last year this long-established schedule was switched so that high schoolers had their lunch after their third period, and the middle schoolers had theirs after their fourth period.

This outraged many high schoolers. They felt that because their classes were more rigorous, and because high school lasted for four years as opposed to middle school’s two, they should be able to have a substantial break between every two class periods.

The response to switching the schedule back has been almost entirely positive. The schedule was initially changed because the middle school teachers did not want the 7th and 8th graders to have three classes in a row at the end of the day and also because there was not enough space for the middle schoolers and high schoolers to eat at the same time. 

Narek Khachikyan (11) said, “I really appreciate that instead of being overwhelmed by three classes in a row, there are only two, which makes it manageable to get through the end of the day.” 

This seemed to be a common praise for the schedule. 

ASB vice president Colin Melillo (11) stated, “I prefer this lunch schedule because it takes a lot of stress off the day when it is just [fifth period] and six at the end of the day instead of four, five, and six.” 

One student, Hank Johnstone (11), opposed the change, but not because he didn’t like the new schedule. He complained, “I wish they would stop changing it every year!” 

Unfortunately for him, the schedule is set to change back to last year’s schedule next year and alternate in the future.  

Though students have differing opinions on the change, the general stance from high schoolers appears to be overwhelming support for new lunch schedule.

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