Field Trip to the Getty Villa

  • September 20, 2019
Emily Baker (10) walking in front of a pond

Robert Irwin’s Central Garden can best be described as a paradise as it catches the eye with popping red roses and carefully trimmed bushes. Right in the middle of the garden is a giant pool with fountains that exemplifies the garden’s overall beauty.

On September 4th, Mrs. Moore’s English 2 Honors classes took its annual field trip to the Getty Villa, partly to better understand the events of the Iliad. Since the sophomores are currently reading the Iliad, they were able to immerse themselves in the historical art and gain further insight into what they were reading.

Walking around the museum, it quickly became clear that the Greeks truly cared about their gardens. Back then, the more power one had, the more elegant and luxurious the garden was. 

Colin Wang (10) described the garden as “one of the most unique, gorgeous and serene places.” 

Even though the garden may not be the main attraction in the museum, it was still one of the most popular exhibits and highly favored by the students.

Although the gardens were very popular, the statues and art also attracted many students as they represented the great figures and culture in Greek history. Upon researching important figures such as Achilles, the class was able to truly absorb the art and understand the history behind his great stature. 

Seojin Yun (10) described her experience as “really fun since we observed the things we have learned in class.”

The field trip was truly enjoyable due to Mrs. Moore’s glorious idea of not assigning work during the trip. Mrs. Moore made it very clear that she wanted her students to “be able to experience the art and be in the moment and not feel like they were looking for something.” The parents and chaperones also agreed on this idea and believed it to be a relaxing experience for the students. 

Overall the trip to the Getty Villa was a success, leaving Mrs. Moore and her students happy, full of knowledge, and ready to learn more about the Iliad.

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