• September 19, 2019

SPAR10 is a new way of doing announcements through short videos uploaded onto the LCHS school website, Mr. Ito, our vice principal, and Mr. Lewsadder are the creators behind this innovative idea. 

 “The goal of SPAR10 is to essentially give 10 second announcements that also provide a visual for any students who have something they want to share,” Mr. Ito stated.

As one of Mr. Ito’s tasks is to watch over announcements and bulletins, it was brought to his attention that it was difficult for students to hear announcements over the PA, it was hard to access, and if a student was not already connected to an activity personally, they were usually unaware of the events going on at school and missed it.

As SPAR10 was created for the 2019-2020 school year, Mr. Ito and Mr. Lewsadder are very involved this year in making sure that it is run smoothly as well as working out any kinks that come with it. 

However, Mr. Ito went on to say, “The ultimate goal is to have this student-produced, with students making the announcements. I think that when kids are involved and they take ownership, it is bound to become more popular than a teacher or an administrator talking to them.” 

SPAR10 is being developed to eventually be uploaded weekly, with filming happening a week in advance for anyone who would like to make an announcement. This is designed so that students have a platform where they can easily release any information, whether it be for a club, after school activities, sports, or other extracurriculars. Mr. Ito has high hopes that this will bring about more school spirit and cohesion within the student community. 

Episode 1 of SPAR10 has already been released, but more episodes are definitely in the making, so be sure to look out for upcoming videos! If any students would like to make any announcements, please be sure to email Mr. Ito or let him know at the office so you can get your 10 seconds in. 

You can view episodes of SPAR10 by clicking here:

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