Girls’ Volleyball Is Ready to Spike the Competition Away

  • September 19, 2019
LCHS Girls’ Volleyball – Photo courtesy by Jackie White

Set, approach, spike! This year’s girls’ varsity volleyball team is ready for a new season of high energy competition, but this time with a focus on achieving personal greatness. With the new addition of Coach Laura Browden to the team, the culture of girl’s volleyball has changed. This year’s team is working  on how to have greatness while playing and pushing to put all their efforts into practicing hard everyday. They are hoping that through their hard work, they can eventually make the semifinals for the CIF championship with the ultimate goal being winning their division league.

As part of their new culture change, the team is giving more attentive care to every little detail, such as the putting up and taking down of the volleyball nets, while holding themselves accountable for all their actions, including their pre-game mental preparations. 

“We are trying to become self motivated or find our fuego, we like to call it that,” said libero position Claire Saydah (11). “And we want to be a family that works hard for each other and pushes each other everyday to be great, because greatness is not only talent but attitude and mentality.”

With a total of twenty-three games this season and a current record as of Sep. 5 of ten wins to four losses, varsity volleyball is looking forward to another amazing year under their new coach Laura and their team co-captains Emily Weirick (12) and Alex Gates (12). We’re hoping our girl’s volleyball team makes new heights and spikes their competition away. Go Spartans!

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