Orchestra Winter Retreat

  • February 14, 2019

From January 25-27, the LCHS 9-12 Orchestra went on their annual winter retreat to the Angeles Crest Christian Camp.

Orchestra conductor Jennifer Munday said,“I like doing this retreat because it gives us a chance to all have some time together away from school where everybody isnt coming in early in the morning and being tired and then running off to class.”

Co-president Jared Cheng (12) commented,“The winter retreat is an opportunity for everyone to get out of the band room and see each other in a different atmosphere. And not only does it help with our playing, but it helps us grow stronger relationships with each other, which also translates into playing better together as well.”

During the retreat, the orchestra had multiple rehearsals, where they were able to have some extra time to play together and get into more detail about the music. Sectionals also took place, where each individual section had a coach and practices together in more depth. They used this extra time to practice pieces for their upcoming Annual Instrumental Music Dinner Show on February 9, and Orchestra Festival on March 9.

Mrs. Munday added,“It was an amazing time to get everyone in one place and practice in depth on certain things that we don’t have time to do at school. I really enjoy the sectionals we have where professional string players help teach, which is definitely something very special that we don’t usually get to do.”

Not only does the orchestra play music during the retreat, but they also have the chance to participate in activities such as archery and ziplining. On top of that, since there is no internet access up in the Angeles Crest Christian Camp, the students were really able to interact with each other and talk to each other, rather than staring at their phones the whole time.

Co-president Melody Wu (12) finished,“It was just really nice to be up in the mountains with no service and responsibilities and be able to bond with the whole orchestra.”

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