“Mary Poppins Returns” in the most delightful way

  • February 11, 2019
From Cnet

Disney’s film “Mary Poppins Returns” is practically perfect in every way. With the beautiful and bright sets to the colorful costumes to the delightful songs, the movie follows all the rules on what makes a great Disney movie.

The movie is a continuation of the original film, but this time, following the children of Michael Banks (played by Ben Whishaw), one of the children from the original film, as well as his sister, Jane. Michael Banks’ wife is recently deceased and he is about to lose his house to the bank. Then, one day while the Banks kids are on the way to the store, they find an old kite that their father recently threw away. After flying the kite and nearly losing it to the wind, Mary Poppins (played by Emily Blunt) comes out of the clouds on the kite, floating gracefully to the ground. The movie then follows Mary Poppins, the three Banks children and Jack the chimney-sweep (played by Lin Manuel Miranda).

The new film had a lot of throwbacks to the original film. Many of the songs carried the same cheery tune as many of the songs in the first movie. The scenes in the new film were filled with magic, and the same colorful, frilly costumes as those in the original movie. The cast of this movie was completely different from the original movie except for Dick Van Dyke who appeared in both movies but played different characters.

My favorite scene in the movie was somewhat of a throwback to the original movie during which they were inside a street painting. This time, they went into a bowl in their room. As soon as they were in the bowl, their clothes were instantly changed into bright and frilly costumes. Mary Poppins, the Banks children and Jack all set out to the circus where they were met by  animated animals. Then, like in every Disney movie, they broke out into song and sang a song about not judging a book by its cover. Little did they know that as they danced around the stage, some cartoon villains stole a toy from the little kid and they must chase after them in a carriage. The scene ends well with the good guys winning and the bad guys losing.

At first, I was not looking forward to Emily Blunt replacing Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, but as the movie went on, I became more okay with it. By the end, I almost loved Emily Blunt as much as Julie Andrews.

Like all Disney movies, there was a happy ending which is sure to make people smile. So, whether you are a fan of Emily Blunt, a “Mary Poppins” fan, or just a Disney fan in general, “Mary Poppins Returns” is definitely a movie that should be seen.

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