“Roma” Review

  • January 28, 2019
Photo from Netflix

I have a thing for foreign films, so when I heard about “Roma,” I knew it was a movie that I had to see as soon as possible. Alfonso Cuaron’s latest movie “Roma” follows the life of a family living in Mexico with their maid in the early 1970s. The movie is a beautiful story following the life of this family living during this time as well as their experiences.  The characters speak Spanish as well as other native Mexican languages. The movie follows Cleo, the family’s maid, as well as the family for whom she works. Throughout the movie, we learn much regarding relationships with the family and people around her and the environment where she lived. Cleo lives with her employer Sofia, Sofia’s husband (who grows more and more distant everyday), the family’s four kids, and the family’s chef. The relationship between the members of the family and Cleo felt real and loving.

There is one beautiful scene, which is probably my favorite, that takes place on a beach outside of their hometown. Two of the children get into a dangerous situation on the beach and after Cleo rescues them, the whole family embraces in a hug on the beach.

“Roma” was special in the fact that there was no score, something that always seems to distract the audience from the actual movie. The only music was the music that was supposed to be there, that the characters could hear as well. The movie was also in black and white which is something that added to the movie. It made me feel as if I was watching a documentary that was created during that time period. The movie is very documentary-like in the sense that the audience sees all that is going on, even the imperfect parts of life.

This movie was poignant and showed a real life view of what living in Mexico during this time was like. As I watched the movie, I felt like I was immersed in the life of the Cleo’s family and her surroundings. I felt for the characters as if they were people who I knew in my real life.

As of now, “Roma” is a big contender for the Oscars, being nominated for ten of them. If you are a fan of foreign films or just looking for  movie to watch, “Roma” is definitely a movie to check out.

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