Chamber Singers Spread Holiday Cheer at Elementary Tour and City of Hope

  • December 12, 2018

On Friday, November 30th, the LCHS Chamber Choir went to the City of Hope, a cancer research hospital, and  toured the elementary schools in the district: La Cañada Elementary, Paradise Canyon Elementary, and Palm Crest Elementary. The purpose of the tour was to encourage elementary students to continue or join the choral music program when entering LCHS and the trip to the hospital was aimed to uplift the patients’ spirits as the singers sang on each floor of the hospital.

Chamber singer Sang Lee (12) said, “[The elementary tour is] a tradition that the chamber singers go on every year. Not only do we get to practice our songs for our fundraising events, but I look forward to it since I get to visit my elementary school, Palm Crest.”  

Shalini Pullarkat (12) agreed, saying, “The elementary tour is my favorite thing to do because I like seeing the kids get really excited when we’re there.  It was very successful.” The chamber singers started performing at the City of Hope last year. As Shalini explained, “We sing to patients informally when they’re in their rooms to brighten their day and let them hear some nice music.  It was emotional and touching but rewarding.”

A few of the songs featured in their performances include Hanukkah songs, the Pentatonix version of “Carol of the Bells,” and other classic Christmas songs.  While they sang more serious music at City of Hope such as “Silent Night” and classic carols, the chamber singers sang songs such as “Rudolph” and “Winter Wonderland” for the kids.

This year was special in particular for many Chamber singers, as it was the seniors’ last time performing there. Sang Lee, Shalini Pullarkat, Nicole Reynolds (12) and Veronica Muller (12) performed Silver Bells, a song arranged by Veronica and a song they sang together as the only sophomores in chamber at the Chamber Singers Winter Gathering.  

Regarding the experience, Sang said, “It was very exciting but bittersweet since it was sad to see it come to an end while at the same time I am grateful for all of my experiences.”  

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