“Animal Crossing Pocket Camp” celebrates its 1st anniversary

  • December 10, 2018

November 21 was the first anniversary of “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.” The app has had an exciting year since its release. The game has added many new features such as a garden area at the campsite, fishing tourneys, a fortune cookie stand in the marketplace, many seasonal events, the addition of Gulliver, the crazy seabird, and many new characters, as well as the furniture that comes along with the characters.

The celebration for the first anniversary started with a garden event in which the player could earn furniture items such as rugs, tables, food platters, flower pots, and balloons. The first anniversary continued with a gyrodite (a small gnome-like thing) hunt where players collected “gyrodites” to trade in place of the clothing. The event wrapped up with a fishing tourney where players caught golden fish which they traded for party food such as lemonade dispensers and chocolate fondue. On the 21st of November, all the animals celebrated at the players campsite with food and the other items earned during the anniversary.

Some of my favorite additions in the year of the game are the fortune cookie stand, the new characters, and Gulliver the seabird. The fortune cookie stand is in the marketplace and it sells cookies. It sells four types of cookies. The first three are Timmy’s cookie, Tommy’s cookie, the clothing cookie. These cookies all cost 500 bells (the currency used in Animal Crossing games). The fourth type of cookies are cookies that are inspired by a character. These cookies either appear in the marketplace for 5,000 bells of 50 leaf tickets (a rarer type of currency in the game). Gold ticket furniture allows the player to unlock a special memory which is a three minute clip of the animals having a conversation with the furniture.

There has also been the addition of new characters. There have been about 100 characters added since the game started, and they come in groups of four or five. The game started off with six original characters: Goldie, Rosie, Butch, Apollo, Filbert, and Jay. As soon as the animals reach a certain level, they can come to your campsite. Some of the characters who have been added are my favorites: Apple, Peanut, and June. All of these characters are small, brightly colored, and are cute, which is what makes them so great. They also always make me smile because of some of the funny things they say.

The addition of Gulliver has also been fun. If the player gives Gulliver ten furniture or clothing items, he will bring them back some treats such as cookies or custard which can be given to the animals for extra points. Gulliver also occasionally brings back a new animal who now can visit your campsite.

“Animal Crossing Pocket Camp” is still updated regularly. Just last week a cabin area was added to the game where the players can hang out with their animal friends.

Happy playing!

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