Thanksgiving food recap

  • November 30, 2018

Thanksgiving is the one day a year when I eat the most food. I eat foods that I never eat on any other day of the year which is what makes Thanksgiving special. There is good food to eat but I can only eat so much. I’m sure you can relate. Some of the best Thanksgiving food follows.

Stuffing. Stuffing is very good. The stuffing I am talking about is the stuffing that comes out of a bag which mainly consists of bread and vegetables. The stuff that is full of preservatives and is not fresh but still tastes good because of  the bread and butter in it.

Another favorite is mashed potatoes. The homemade ones. Not the packaged stuff that is all smooth, but the ones that you need to boil and mash and add butter and cream to. The ones that have chunks and smooth parts rather than just the smooth grainy texture that comes from boxed powder potatoes.

Harvest salad is a classic. Harvest salad is made with lettuce, candied pecans, apple, and gorgonzola cheese. These flavors all come together and make the perfect combination of sweet, sour and salty. This salad adds a healthy element too all of the other foods normally eaten on Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin pie without a doubt is a wonderful dessert. Pumpkin pies can be bought from Costco or made from canned pumpkin, and they are delicious either way. This year I made a pumpkin pie from canned pumpkin and I think that making it from scratch took the pie to the next level.

The best part about Thanksgiving is probably getting to have leftovers the next day. Heating up all the leftovers together in one big microwave bowl creates a conglomeration which I like to call “thanksgiving in a bowl.”

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed spending time with their family. Here’s to the next one.

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