Johnny English struck again in this movie

  • November 30, 2018

Often times, movie sequels, especially the third ones, thoroughly disappoint. “Johnny English Strikes Again,” however, is an exception. The movie is entertaining, not only because it will make you laugh quite a few times, but also because a couple characters are likeable in their own ways.

English is a spy who solves the cases to which he is assigned throughout the series. Each time, he embarks on a different mission and has engaging experiences.

An example of such an experience is when he and his assistant, Boff, travel to France. There, English messes up the pronunciation of the German words “danke schön” and realizes that he can not fake a French accent to save his life.

The movie starts out in London, where English is called back for a mission. He is the only agent who has once again become available after the agency has lost all of its agents.

While he is not the most sought-after agent, English is the only option left. It is laughable that the agency has to rely on English time and time again because he is somewhat incompetent, but this is what makes him a likeable character and keeps the plot moving forward.

He must work to find out as much as possible about an internet hacker whose intention is to take over the world through stealing data. It was clear from the beginning that the hacker was the bad guy, and this was one of the major weak spots in the movie.

When English proposes that the hacker is the one up to no good, everyone scoffs and tells English to stop being ridiculous. This is not new, as this happened in the previous two movies, which I found annoying. This plot point was boringly predictable, and this should have had more thought put into it by the script writers.

During the rest of the movie, English goes about his mission and has some interesting results. For example, the baguette scene was a hilarious mistake on English’s part, and it is my favorite scene in the movie.

Kaylee Gunnoe, an eighth-grader from Rosemont Middle School said, “[Johnny English] was the funniest movie I’ve ever seen.”

While the movie pulled some funny gags and was enjoyable overall, a couple of them felt old and boring. This is because some of them were used in one or both of the preceding movies. Putting that aside, I recommend this movie to anyone wanting to watch an amusing, goofy spy flick.


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