Why Cut the Rope is so special

  • November 27, 2018

Do you love addicting games? Do you love cute creatures? Do you love candy? If you answered yes to these questions, then Cut the Rope is the game for you.

Cut the Rope follows a character named Om Nom, a small, green, alien-like creature with four teeth and an antenna, who is the star of multiple versions of the Cut the Rope game. Some of the Cut the Rope games include the original Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope Time Travel, Cut the Rope Experiments, Cut the Rope Holiday Version, and Cut the Rope Magic. All of these games are a lot of fun and very relaxing.

In the original version of the game, we first learn about the origins of Om Nom. Om Nom was delivered to a house in a box that said “Feed with Candy.” Throughout the first game, Om Nom has to go through a series of boxes, each with a new twist that Om Nom has to overcome in order to reach the shiny candy.

The obstacles in Cut the Rope are not all cute creatures. There are also spiders, which like to steal Om Nom’s candy, and  spikes that crush his candy (whenever this occurs, it always makes him sad).

I first got into Cut the Rope when I was in fifth grade, when it had been downloaded onto the iPad by my brother. I thought Om Nom was cute, and I decided to play it. I have been playing it since  when only the original version existed. Om Nom has been my favorite game character for years. This is probably because he is a cute green monster who eats candy, and is always happy (except when other monsters take his candy).

My favorite version of Cut the Rope is Cut the Rope Time Travel. In this version, Om Nom travels back in time and  meets his ancestors, such as a cowboy, a caveman, a pirate, and a pharaoh of Egypt. There are many other time periods that he also has to travel to in order to complete his goals to get candy.

Even though Cut the Rope is intended for younger audiences and is older than some recent games, it is still the best game on smart devices.

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