“Halloween” review

  • November 9, 2018

Back in the summer, I was on a horror movie kick. When I saw the  new “Halloween” trailer in early July, I was already excited. I had never seen a movie in the “Halloween” series before, but I already was looking forward to it. I knew that in order to see the new one, I’d have to see the the original first. 2018’s “Halloween” starts off 40 years after the first film was supposed to have ended. Laurie Strode, the film’s protagonist is all grown-up with a daughter and granddaughter.

I decided to watch the first film in preparation for the new “Halloween” movie.. I sat through the first “Halloween,” staring at the screen the whole time in utter shock of the of Michael Myers as he engaged in his killing spree. People always told me it was scary so when I saw it, I expected it to be scarier. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. It was good, but cheesy like a 70s horror flick.  

The 2018 “Halloween” opens to two podcasters entering a mental hospital to meet Michael Myers, where he has been locked up for forty years. The plot continues pretty slowly until a bus carrying prisoners including Michael Myers, crashes on its way to another mental hospital.  A father and his son are driving along the road and they see the crashed bus. They get out of the car to explore, and because they leave their car, Michael Myers gets the chance to escape. This is where Michael Myers begins his killing rampage. After a lot of blood and killing, there is a happy and definite ending which is something that people always like. I won’t spoil the end because you should watch it, but the ending is worth the watch.

I really enjoyed seeing this in the theater. Though I have not seen much of the “Halloween” series, this was far better than the first one.  Compared to the 1978 “Halloween” movie, this one was a lot less predictable, which made it more exciting to see what would happen next. The characters in this movie were also a lot more likeable. In the original “Halloween,” they were all teenagers who were unlikeable and annoying. This movie also had way better special effects than the first. This is probably due to the times they were made in, but the new one’s special effects were way cooler.

Compared to some horror films such as “The Conjuring” series, “Halloween” was not so scary, but compared to “Let the Right One In,” this was scary. Horror flicks that deal with demons and the devil tend to be scarier to me and most people in general.  Then there are the movies where you don’t know what’s the thing that everyone is scared of so it kind of makes it stupid. Then there are movies like “Halloween” which fall into the middle category. These deal with things like murderers; something that you know but don’t know too much about.

“Halloween” was exciting from start to finish. There was someone being killed every other scene. There were a lot of parallels between the original and the new movie which were cool easter-eggs which lots of fans were excited about.

The thing about “Halloween” that freaks me out is the fact that Michael Myers shows no emotion whatsoever throughout the entire movie. He never runs after people, he just follows them with his knife. He always manages to corner them which makes the movie quite alarming. Michael Myers is an ominous character who I would be scared to see in the streets on Halloween.

The way the movie is set up also helps it seem scarier. Whenever Michael Myers is around, the “Halloween” theme song plays and the audience knows he is about to kill. Like most good horror movies, “Halloween” takes place at night which makes it more ominous and gives it a creepy aspect that would not be there if the film took place in daylight. There also happen to be no street lights which is odd for a residential street but if there were, it would be easier to see Michael Myers. Michael Myers also carries a knife with him throughout the whole film. The knife constantly being swung around made me jump in my seat. I would highly recommend this movie to anybody who is a  fan of horror movies with jump scares. It throws things at you out of nowhere which makes you shocked for a minute before the next thing can happen. I hope you enjoy this “Halloween.”


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