Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

  • September 14, 2018

Which is better: cats or dogs? The long-standing debate between cat-lovers and dog-lovers has yet to be resolved. However, while both animals each have their own advantages, dogs are better in my opinion.

One of the reasons why dogs are so lovable is the enthusiasm with which they greet you every time—a trait most cat owners miss out on. My cousin once told me that dogs get so excited to see us after a long day because dog years are shorter than human years; a few hours away from home for humans is actually a much longer time for dogs. A scientific study by Emory University has researched this same phenomenon from a different approach, finding that dogs appreciate and love humans for the company and not just for the food. The fact that dogs love us back just as much as we love them only makes me adore them more.

Roxanna Rozavi, a junior and a dog-lover, agrees. She prefers dogs because she’s, “never had a connection with cats,” and loves her dog’s “playful and cuddly” nature.

Aside from their adorable antics, dogs are also desired and praised for their appearances. There are even annual dog contests which take place for good-looking dogs to win prizes!

Their appearances are quite varied as well, ranging from human to teacup-sized, dogs are more diverse in terms of their size compared to household pet cats, so people can find the companion that suits them and their lifestyle best.

Not only their forms, but also their intellect is highly valued. Besides the simple commands of sit, stay, and roll over, well-trained canines can become professional pups. From therapy dogs to seeing-eye dogs, from guard dogs to CIA K9 dogs, dogs can become more than the average pet or companion. Although some cats do help in therapy, they are rarely ever trained to obey even the simplest cues that pet dogs usually learn. Furthermore, none of them undertake the high-stress occupations that police dogs do.

Of course, it’s impossible to speak of dogs without mentioning what may possibly be their best trait: their loyalty. Dogs are loyal and are commonly protective of their owners, defending them in dangerous situations and delivering them to safety or assistance. Countless stories of dogs defending children or families in danger fill the newspapers and warm many hearts. Dogs around the world become famous for their loyalty, going to great lengths to stay with their owner. Hachiko from Japan waited every day at the train station for his late owner to return from work, and many different dogs in the U.S. travel across the country to find their lost families.

Dogs give us an unconditional and pure form of love that knows no boundaries, even death. There are infinite reasons to love dogs, but the strength of their love and loyalty is undeniably admirable.


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