Claire Murray

  • May 17, 2018

Meet Claire Murray, a LCHS senior who broke the school record in the 100-meter hurdles, captured a Rio Hondo League 100-meter hurdles title, and became La Cañada High School’s first Southern Section girls’ hurdles champion.

“I started running when I was nine, and started doing hurdles when I was ten. I started off as a sprinter my first year, but because there are so many people that sprint, it got a lot more competitive. So, my parents asked me if I wanted to try something new that uses your speed but also requires something new and different. I decided to try hurdles the next year and ended up loving it,” Claire said.

In 2016, Claire achieved a school-record time of 14.83 seconds, which broke the previous school-best mark of 15.2, which was set in 1990.

Later in 2017, at the CIF Southern Section Division III Championships at Cerritos College on May 20, Claire made history as she became La Cañada High School’s first-ever girls’ hurdles champion. Though she was off her personal-record pace, Murray still persevered in winning a championship with a time of 14.71 seconds.

When asked why she enjoys running hurdles, she replied, “Running is really tiring and it’s really hard, but with hurdles you almost feel like you’re flying and it goes so fast that you don’t even feel you’re running. Once you finish, you feel so accomplished, which is why I enjoy doing it so much.”

Although many people don’t enjoy running, Claire recommends that everyone should try it out at least once, since it is a good way to both get exercise and meet new people.

Claire stated, “Running is definitely hard, but it can also be really fun when you’re with people that are fun to be around, and it’s also a great bonding sport because you’re all just in it together.”

As her senior year is coming to an end, Claire wishes to make good use of it by spending her time doing what she loves the most.

“I’m looking forward to just having a good rest of my senior year. It’s my last year doing track, and it’s been a huge part of my entire life, so I really just wanna enjoy it and have fun while it lasts,” Claire commented.

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