Comedy Sportz: Teachers Take the Stage

  • April 24, 2018

On April 6th, our Comedy Sportz team went up against LCHS’s finest faculty in a battle of wits and improv skills. With students assembled on the red team and teachers on the blue, their penultimate match of the season proved to be one of their best. The featured teachers of the night included Ms. Beattie, Mr. Saavedra, Mr. Beaty, Mrs. Werner, Mr. Hainey, Mrs. Saks, Mr. Klish, and special guest Mr. Valassidis (portrayed by Jonah Bernstein (12)).

It was clear from the first round that both teams were bringing their A game, and the audience’s cheers were more than enough encouragement. Whether it was mimicking popular radio stations, jumping in as stunt doubles for an adventure movie, or thinking up crazy situations with everyday objects, each player brought something new to the table. The students won with a score of 38-36 points, but everyone definitely succeeded at keeping the crowd entertained.

Math teacher Jonathan Saavedra, a newcomer to Comedy Sportz, had nothing but good things to say about his experience on stage.

“My favorite part of the match was when I was acting out a divorce with Mrs. Werner,” he stated. “It was so fun seeing how creative everyone was, and it’s interesting to see what people can think of when they’re put on the spot.”

Mr. Saavedra continued by praising his teammates and the students for their hard work, and said that he’d be more than happy to participate again next year.

With the positive response the team has received this season, it’s shocking to think that the season might not have happened at all.

“At the beginning of the school year, we only had $300,” explained Ryan Hainey, the dedicated team advisor for Comedy Sportz. “So we ended up fundraising by raising our prices from $5 to $7, and we raised over $6,000!”

Without that money, he says, the chances of performing an entire season were extremely slim. The people’s support goes a long way, and the hilarity that ensues onstage makes each performance a win-win situation. The team has been working harder than ever to prepare for each performance, and it really shows!

Tessa Fungo (12) really stepped up for us by agreeing to coach the team every other week, so that we wouldn’t have to pay money for a coach. She’s a phenomenal entertainer, and it’s amazing to have her on the team,” Mr. Hainey added.

The next Comedy Sportz match is on April 27 at 7 pm, so mark your calendars! Hopefully you’ll enjoy watching the Comedy Sportz team as much as I did.

Photo Credits to Nicole Ordoyo 

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