2018 Boy’s Tennis Team

  • March 19, 2018

As the season changes to spring, the La Cañada High School Boy’s Tennis Team’s new journey also begins. Coach Will Moravec and the captains of the team, JP Mckenzie(12) and Reed Schreck (12), are anticipating a triumphant season within their team.

“Our main goal is try to get ranked for division 1 CIF. Last year we did really good and that shows you that we have some talent and it is our goal to get a top ranking and give us a pretty good draw for the CIF competition.” said Coach Moravec. However, he added that, “We are in a tough tennis league. Beating San Marino is always a goal but our team is super good and so far our season started out pretty good.¨

Most high school teams are lucky if they have three or maybe four tournament players. But LCHS Boy’s Tennis team goes  twelve deep with tournament competitors and players serious about their games, taking private lessons in order to develop their skills. Additionally, many players are interchangeable between the doubles and singles matches, which strengthens the team dramatically.

Additionally, Alec Robertson(11) said, “We have a model called quick and efficient, basically playing to our best of abilities and finishing the match as quickly and efficiently as we can.” He also mentioned, “We practice everyday after school from Monday through Thursday, 2:30 to 4:30 since the majority of the tennis team does not have 6th period.” Likewise, the boys are working hard to improve their game.

Along with JP Mckenzie, Reed Schreck and Alec Robertson, the Boy’s Tennis team currently consists of seniors Jared Ahn, Ryan Chen, Ian Lee, Nicholas Lee, Gerard Llanes, and John Moore; sophomores Cyrus Chen, Gautam Gupta, and Kyle Sahara; and freshmen Derek Ahn, Allen Bableyan, Anthony Hanna, Benjamin Lee and Jack Manion.

The Boy’s Tennis team had their first game against Valencia on February 20th, winning with a score of 12-3. Their next game was on February 27th against West Ranch, which they lost with a score of 3-15. On March 6th, they won against St. Francis by a score of 15-3. Then the boys won both games against Crescenta Valley and Claremont by 13-5

Their next game is on March 20th at 3:30pm against South Pasadena at LCHS tennis court. Make sure to show them your support!

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