The Ink and the Iris

  • February 27, 2018

LCHS is a school full of creative talent. Everywhere you look, there are students who excel in different forms of art, whether that art be in painting, literature, or song. And the Ink and the Iris, La Cañada High’s literary arts magazine, wants to celebrate them all.

The Ink and the Iris’s goal is to show that there is more to LC students than just academics, and to offer a platform on which students can share their creative masterpieces. Submitted artwork and written pieces have always been published in the magazine, which has existed for several years. However, due to the creation of a website, other forms of art can be shared and published as well, including musical compositions, original videos, and dance choreographies.The link to the website is

If you have a piece of art that you would like to share with the world, please, send it to Include your name and the title of the piece, and the Ink and the Iris will post it so the world can enjoy your talents.

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