Super Bowl LII Ad Reviews

  • February 14, 2018

Super Bowl LII saw a thrilling offensive game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles that had fans on their feet screaming for half the running time. However, all the non-football followers could also find entertainment in the traditionally impressive commercials that aired during the breaks. Here are some of the successes and failures in advertisement moments of Super Bowl LII.


Success: Bud Light

The Bud Light King and his subjects, who have been the face of the beer’s latest advertisement campaign for the past few months, rally against their Bud Light hoarding enemy with help from the mythical Bud Knight, who rides into battle (decked out in beer box armor) only to leave to buy more Bud Light from a medieval convenience store. What can I say? These commercials are hilarious. Dilly dilly!


Fail: Doritos/Mountain Dew

You’ve got a fiery Peter Dinklage armed with Doritos Blaze engaging in a rap battle against an icy Morgan Freeman with his Mountain Dew Ice. Which is… random? It’s probably spoofing something that my uncultured mind doesn’t get, but come on Doritos! Your Super Bowl commercials are always so creative! What happened this year?


Success: Tide

Because if it’s an ad with a clean clothes, then it’s an ad for Tide. And if every ad is an ad with clean clothes, then is every ad a Tide ad? Tide certainly thinks so, remaking famous Super Bowl commercials as Tide commercials, including sexy Mr. Clean, Budweiser’s Clydesdales, Old Spice’s oddities, and every single drug ad ever. Featuring David Harbour from “Stranger Things,” it was funny, creative, and unique.


Fail: Dodge Ram

People in need help each other out with assistance from the majestic Ram pickup truck as a voice-over of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking about the meaning of greatness is played. Because, as we all know, Dr. King advocated for both civil equality and Dodge sales. Many found this commercial insulting, with good reason. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?


Success: Avocados From Mexico

A perfect society, sealed off from the world, unravels when they realize that they have thousands of beautiful avocados, but they left the chips outside. And by “unravels,” I mean “goes completely insane.” Their leader is able to calm them down by showing them that avocados taste good on toast too, but then the Wifi goes out. It’s so incredibly stupid, and yet my family laughed for five minutes after it ended. Now I really want avocados.


Fail: Budweiser

Budweiser ditched its traditional Clydesdales this year in favor of an inspirational story about how they provided water to areas affected by natural disasters. Which is great for them, but I want my Clydesdales, dang it! Thank goodness we have Tide.


Success: Febreze

Dave is the only human in the world whose bleep don’t stink. We know because Febreze interviewed him and everyone who has ever met him in his life. But Dave’s not coming to your Super Bowl party, so you need to buy Febreze. I don’t know what was more hilarious, the commercial or my oblivious eleven-year-old sister begging to know what they meant by “bleep.”


Fail: Toyota

Toyota’s ad chronicled the struggles of paralympian Lauren Woolstencroft, who was born missing her left arm below the elbow and both legs below the knee, and how she worked past them to win gold medals in skiing. The story is incredibly inspiring, but has literally nothing to do with the automobile company, which leaves a bad taste when the Toyota logo is just slapped on in the end.


Success: Avengers Infinity War Trailer

I know, I know– it’s not a commercial, but OH MY GOSH THERE’S A NEW INFINITY WAR TRAILER OUT! I CAN’T HANDLE THIS!


Fail: NBC

The hosting television network screwed up when they experienced an “equipment failure” during a 30 second commercial break halfway through the second quarter. This of course caused viewers to be greeted by a horrifyingly black screen for half a minute during America’s biggest game of the year. So thank you, NBC, for giving my entire family heart attacks as we thought our television set broke in the middle of our Super Bowl party.

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