The Influence of AI

  • January 24, 2018

The growing presence of artificial intelligence has become one of the most notable accomplishments of our modern generation. From self-operating computers to digital assistants, AI offers a platform of possibilities that will take our technology to the next level. But even though these new inventions offer some interesting benefits, there’s still heavy debate regarding how big of a role they should have within society.

Personally, I’m interested in how humanity could progress more with AI in our lives. Considering that many of the world’s issues result from human error, relying on computers to perform certain tasks could make our world safer and more efficient. For example, thousands of car accidents occur each year due to dangerous driving, intoxicated or reckless drivers, and weather hazards (to name a few). The development of driverless cars could definitely decrease these numbers. Regardless of whether the passengers are capable of driving or not, the computer’s driving would (theoretically) have fewer problems than a person’s driving. Some companies are planning on adding more unique features to enhance the vehicle’s safety, including smoother braking systems, obstacle detection cameras, and advanced navigation. They could even utilize solar power batteries! The same concept can be applied to medicine, research, and other fields of study that could greatly benefit from using artificial intelligence.

In the midst of all this innovation, those opposing AI argue that we’ve become too reliant on “idealistic” solutions. For one, most of these ideas are still in the planning stages, with no guarantee of how successful they’ll be when they’re introduced to the market. It’s reasonable that there would be skepticism regarding how much trust we’re putting into technology- especially when it hasn’t been created yet. Others have a more comical distrust of AI, fearing that machines could eventually attempt to overthrow humanity and take over the world with their newfound intelligence. While I highly doubt anyone will be inventing droids of vengeance in the near future, I do agree that products currently in development should be focused on solving the world’s problems rather than satisfying the people’s desire for flashy technology.

Since many of these products are still being developed, it’s understandable why skeptics are wary of handing more power over to our machines. Without any concrete proof of whether this next wave of inventions will be beneficial or detrimental, who knows what kind of impact AI will have on society? Perhaps we’ll have to establish new laws specifically for these gadgets, or exercise more caution while interacting with the tech we have now. But based on what we’ve already accomplished, I’m optimistic about the notion that this technology could improve our world for the better. The road to innovation may be heading toward a whole new level, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hopeful for what’s to come.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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