Dance Club

  • December 15, 2017

For students who are interested in dance, Dance Club is a great opportunity to explore the performing arts and try something new.

Dance Club is focused on teaching students choreographies from hip hop and K-pop styles, regardless of their skill level. Club leaders Matthew Lee (12) and Matthew Kim (12) found inspiration for the club while performing in a small group over the summer. After noticing how successful their individual performances were, the seniors were excited by the prospect of organizing choreographies within larger groups.

“We wanted to expand our experience outside those summer performances, and share our interest in dance with other students,” Matthew Kim explained.

While they’re introducing a new choreography, the leaders will often demonstrate the dance in front of the class. Afterwards, they’ll work through it step by step so that everyone understands the moves. One of the choreographies the club has been learning was performed by K-Pop group BTS during their comeback show this year, to their new song “Go Go.”

“‘I’m glad we’ve incorporated international choreographies into (our dance lessons). It’s fun to learn and try new types of dance,” Nicole Ordoyo (11) commented. “I also love how dance is a STEP class this year, especially because I’m able to practice and learn new skills alongside friends and fellow classmates.”

“Our plan is to perform at this year’s Open House event, preferably with the Korean class during the Language class performances,” Matthew Lee stated, while describing his plans for the club.

Needless to say, Dance Club has definitely provided a creative space for students to express themselves.


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