Girls Tennis Second Round CIF

  • December 12, 2017

The Girls’ Varsity Tennis team had a successful season this year, making it to the second round of Division 2 CIF for the first time in six years. Winning the first round in CIF against Ayala High School was a major accomplishment, and the team is delighted with this year’s season!

The team had their first round of CIF on November 1st, with an away game against Ayala High School, winning with a score of 10-8. Their second round match was two days later on November 3rd, against Great Oak. After a hard fight, they ended up losing with a score of 6-12.

Co-captain Nicole Son (12) said, “It was really unexpected, and the fact that we did so well and that we made such a huge record for the school is really awesome.”

Co-captain Sarah Settles (12) added, “This is definitely the first time since Nicole and I have been on the team that we have gotten this far in CIF.”

Both Nicole and Sarah having been on the varsity team since freshman year and are beyond happy with how the team finished off their season and have high hopes for what LC’s tennis has to offer.

When asked about how Sarah felt about getting to the second round of CIF, she replied,“It was amazing. It’s a great to have a legacy to leave behind, knowing that you were the captain the year the team made it to second round of CIF. It was awesome to see the culmination of all the team’s hardwork in making it to second round, and I love being able to call all of them my teammates.”

Pleased with this year’s turnout, Coach William Moravec couldn’t be happier with his team and all the hard work they put into this year.

Reaching the second round of CIF, he exclaimed,“It was great! We’ve always had to play Division 2 in CIF which is really tough and Ayala, the team we beat in the first round, was a Number 1 team who won their league. They are also a much bigger school, so they tend to have more depth in their team. Winning that round was really hard to do, so that was a pleasant surprise, and I was very happy with that. The first round against Ayala was an away match, which made it even more difficult, so really we kind of had everything against us, and it was great that we were able to still win.”

Coach Moravec is also excited for next season and stated,“This is a good stepping stone for next year as well.”


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